Paul uses:

Olympus OM1n and OM2n cameras with a range of lenses from 24mm to 150mm.

Mamiya 645 with lenses from 45mm to 210mm.

Mamiya C330Pro 6x6 with a standard 80mm lens.

Mamiya RB67 with lenses from 50mm to 180mm.

Manfrotto tripods.

Durst enlargers.

Film stock: Ilford HP5 rated at 200ASA; Ilford Delta 100 and 400; Fuji Acros 100ASA plus others: Kodak HIE Infra red; Agfa APX 25 and 100.

Printing papers: Mainly Ilford Warmtone Multigrade for exhibition prints and Ilford Multigrade RC.

All the photographs on this website are digitally produced from negatives using a Canon Scanner.